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Schedule a Vocal Lesson

Note: Studies show that practice only produces results when it is deliberate and consistent. Therefore, aim for at least 1-2 hours of lessons per week and plan to practice at home for at least 2-3. Some students, particularly youth, see more productivity with 30-minute lessons but an hour is standard. Lessons are $70/hour or $50/hour for 2+ hours per week.


Below are just a few topics you may learn and practice during your lessons. Every student will have a different experience and lesson plan with various emphases based on their unique goals, needs and interests.

• Posture and Alignment

• Breathing and the Respiratory System

• The Brain with Practice, Anxiety and Reward (Neuroplasticity)

• Customized Vocal, Mental and Physical Exercises for Technique Building and Anxiety Reduction

• Ear Training: Pitch Recognition and Accuracy and Sound Theory

• Storytelling: Performance, Presentation and Songwriting

• Diction, Phonetics and Tricks for Pronunciation

• Body Mapping and Anatomy

What to Expect
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