Come to my home in Clovis for a vocal lesson.


Requires camera and an external microphone (recommendation)

Note: Aim for at least one hour of lessons a week; you can schedule as many as you'd like if time permits. Some students find their lessons to be more productive when broken up into two 30-minute lessons a week. This is particularly preferred among youth and online students.

What to expect

First Lesson

Most of the time during your first lesson will be spent analyzing the extremities of your voice, gauging your knowledge, and discussing your goals as a vocalist. It's also an opportunity for us to get to know each other  (:

Going Forward

Each lesson will be carefully constructed based on the discoveries from the last lesson, so you are always guaranteed a unique and personalized experience that caters to your goals. My lessons are all about becoming comfortable with yourself, caring for yourself and singing sustainably through your lifetime.


Through carefully selected exercises and repertoire, you can expect to learn and practice various areas of vocal performance including breathing, resonance, basic theory, ear training, body mapping, diction, and plenty of other subjects that relate to your unique set of goals. I approach these topics through an understanding of mind processes, like anxiety and neuroplasticity, how they affect the body and your voice, and how you can control them.

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