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Lia Marie Johnson

Skyla began working with Lia in November of 2019 to begin production of her single, Moonflower, for which she credited with the composition of the song's background vocals.

Bella Kaye

Bella has been a student of Skyla's since 2017. She began recording cover tunes and gained a following on social media, and quickly began writing her own songs. Skyla worked on the production and writing team as vocal arranger for Bella's first two singles, Fake and Heartache, and her first album, Reflections.

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Aside from writing vocal arrangements for other artists, Skyla also creates her own a Capella arrangements. Skyla arranged Bedroom Eyes, lyrics by Crywolf & Ianborg, in 2014 and recorded it in 2018.

Since 2010, Skyla has released dozens of covers on YouTube and iTunes from emotional ballads to rock tunes. In 2018, Skyla starred in Chamber Bravura's a Capella cover of You Ruin Me, which even gained support from the Veronicas themselves.



Skyla began writing music and recording in Hollywood at age 10. In 2014, Skyla left the Hollywood scene and now writes privately, and has since been coaching other young artists and helping them learn how to write their own music.

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